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[20 May 2007 | No Comment | 3,214 views]
Critique Of The Communal Violence Bill (Prevention, Control And Rehabilitation) Bill, 2005

English, 2007

Author: Gonsalves, Colin

The Communal Violence Bill is an astonishingly poor draft that has ignored the two drafts suggested by civil society groups after extensive consultations with NGOs. The focus is on increasing police power and not on empowering civil society to initiate and control prosecutions when communal crimes occur. Given that government is the principal wrongdoer in many instances the thrust of the legislation is misplaced, according to the critique.

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[20 May 2007 | No Comment | 3,851 views]
Rise Of Fascism In India: Voices Beneath The Ashes

English, 2007

The volume includes testimonies of the victims of communalism from different parts of India rendered before an IPT on the rise of fascist forces and the attack on the secular State in Delhi in March 2007.

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[20 Sep 2006 | No Comment | 4,633 views]
Communalism In Orissa

September, 2006

The report documents the rise of communalism in Orissa and highlights the present situation of increasing criminal activity and human rights violations.

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[31 May 1998 | No Comment | 4,011 views]
Report Of The Fact Finding Committee Into The Attack On Pilgrims Of Pali-Naigaon Vasai Taluka Thane Distt., Maharastra

English, 1998

The report looks into the attacks on the pilgrims of Pali-Naigaon, Maharashtra, who had gone to Dadra, Nagar Haveli on pilgrimage.